Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads: Suzanne Tosolini


Our team took a look back at the best Super Bowl ads in history. Here are Suzanne Tosolini‘s two favorite spots:


The Super Bowl is a brand’s opportunity to do what TV does best – tell a story. TV allows brands to tell that story using the dramatic devices of film to make it engaging, distinctive, and memorable. Great film means great production. These two brand stories are my Super Bowl favorites:


VW “Darth Vader”


Old Spice “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”

Every time I watch these ads, I notice something new.  They each touch me emotionally in very different ways. The two spots use very different dramatic devices, but both are among the very best Super Bowl ads of all time.

Do you agree with Suzanne’s picks? Are there other Super Bowl ads you love? Join the conversation on Twitter.

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