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One-Year Anniversary

I left my role at P&G as Global Marketing Officer one year ago to start a new venture. It has exceeded my expectations in every way. And while I found my role at P&G full of ideas, inspiration and challenges, this venture to “Rethink marketing, branding and life” has opened my eyes to even more opportunity than I had imagined.

So it’s time to start sharing ideas, progress, setbacks, revelations, and inspirations more broadly. I will begin to blog on some regularity, and I hope my friends and colleagues will find it useful. But even more important, I hope my blog in some way can further ignite this movement, shared by several, to take brands and marketing to a new space.

And I will link on my website to blogs that I find mind opening on issues relevant to the future of business, brands, and marketing. This is a movement after all, and we need many voices and people!

This has been a great year, perhaps the best of my 26-year career in business and brands. There is nothing like starting something you believe in with great conviction. Carol Cone recently asked me what I have enjoyed the most in this first year (a great question BTW). I had to think…but it really is quite clear. I have enjoyed the people who share this dream, this possibility, that we can reinvent, repurpose marketing to grow businesses and brands far faster than we do today by elevating our standards, expecting more, making a difference to the people our businesses serve. And I have met them in my consulting, in my book research, in teaching, in venture capital.

On to Year Two!

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