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Creating fans. For life.

Creating fans.  For life.   This is on the business card of C.K. Venkataraman, Chief Operating Officer, Jewelry, for Titan Industries Limited, headquartered in Bangalore, India.

C.K. was a featured speaker at the recently held Luxottica International Marketing Meeting in Milan, along with Jing Zhang of the South China Morning Post,  Karin Heijink of MTV, John Auerbach of, Robert Klingensmith of Publicis, and the amazing sprinter Oscar Pistorius from South Africa.  I also participated in the meeting, and it was inspirational on many levels.

C.K told the story of building the Tanishq retail jewelry brand, a runaway success.  Its brand ideal, in my words, is to uplift and transform the lives of each consumer they touch.  You get a great feeling for this in one of their wonderful ads.

What I want to share with you are the principles that underlie their sincere and intense customer focus:  it is a great example of activating their brand ideal across their business.

First, they believe if you really touch a customer’s heart, she is your customer for life.  And the way they bring this to life is all-consuming:  they invite customers (mostly women) to their factory for visits (2,000 a year), they invite women to their stores to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, complete with a party, and they encourage them to visit whenever they want with no pressure to buy.   Tanishq’s sales people are on fixed pay so the focus in on building relationships.

Second, Tanishq creates an ambiance in the store that encourages browsing and socializing.   They use the metaphor of a “home”; they want their customers to feel as comfortable as if they were at home.  Some customers even throw parties in the store:  Tanishq encourages that.  They periodically introduce special collections to make the store new and exciting, to encourage repeat visits to simply browse and enjoy.

Third, C.K. and his team are fanatical on measuring customer satisfaction.  C.K. shared with me that they currently have an overall customer satisfaction rating for the in-store experience of 8 out of 10,  and they are very unhappy about that.  Nothing short of 10 is what they expect.

For C.K. and his team at Tanishq, creating fans for life is their single-minded goal.  They believe when that happens, they will succeed financially.  Everything they do is coherent with that goal.   Next time in Bangalore, I will definitely check out Tanishq in person—you should too.

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Getting Your Business Up/Right

Up and to the right.  When you look at a business chart, that’s where we all want to be.  When you’re up/right, everyone is happy — every stakeholder in the business, from the employees to the customers and shareholders.

The issue we face today is that too few of us are actually moving up and to the right.  In fact, most of us are growing earnings much faster than we’re growing the top line.  I’d like to change that. I want to change the trajectory of your top line – and I’m betting you do, too.

That’s why I’m inviting everyone to watch my presentation, and others, at the 2011 SAVO Executive Summit, taking place October 11th and 12th in Chicago.  The summit is hosted by SAVO, an industry leader in sales enablement that is bringing together business leaders and “next practice” innovators to explore new ways to close the “growth gap” between corporate growth strategies and sales execution.  That’s why it’s the perfect venue for me to share a sneak peak at the new book I’m publishing with Crown in December 2011, called Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies.

The book represents the largest collaboration of my life – based on a 10-year study of global businesses that have grown faster than their competition. The reason I wrote this book is I believe we need a new narrative for business – it’s clear that the old one is not working.

Look at the companies around us – far too many are simply stagnant.  I’ll be using my presentation at the summit to unveil a new framework for growth.  It begins with an ideal at the core of your business and how to activate your entire business around it.   And Mark O’Connell, SAVO’s CEO, will be presenting their point of view on how companies can “close the growth gap” between corporate growth strategies across the entire organization and through execution in the field to increase revenue performance.

There are a lot of synergies between what I’ll be discussing and how SAVO enables their customers’ objectives, so I’m looking forward to a rich, interactive dialogue that will help you feel better about how you’re going to get your business up and to the right.

I encourage all of you to register for virtual attendance as SAVO will broadcast live coverage of the event.  Mark will discuss the growth gap at 8:45AM CDT Tuesday, October 13th. My presentation on ideal-driven growth will be broadcast on Wednesday, October 13th at 8:45AM CDT.  Upon registration a link will be provided to watch the two live keynotes, both of which will also be recorded and posted for convenient viewing.

To register, please visit:

Thanks everyone!

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