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Effie Awards Gala

I was the keynote speaker at the 2012 Effie Awards Gala on May 23 in New York City.  Here is a summary of my comments:

It is already 3.5 years since I left P&G.  Time flies when you are having fun:  since then I have worked in some way/shape/form with nearly 100 companies in over 12 industries.

It will be no surprise to you that marketing effectiveness is in every one of these 100 companies’ top 3 issues.  That is why this event is more relevant than ever, and more important than ever.

But I am not here tonight to simply congratulate the winners, nor am I here to comment on trends in the industry.  I am here tonight to talk about … tomorrow morning.  And I am addressing my comments to anyone involved with any of the winners tonight.  What are you going to do tomorrow morning?

From what I know about previous Effies, many of you will be sleeping in tomorrow,  but I want to talk about what you will do when you go back to work.

Here are a few suggestions:

First, thank anyone who had anything to do with your award, and spend as much time as that takes.  Nothing we do in this industry we do alone, and we spend too little time thanking our colleagues and partners when they do WORK this effective, this creative.

Second, capture the “behind the scenes” story of what happened with your winner, and tell it far and wide.   Blog about it, speak about it, share it at all the right times and in the right places.  Capture what happened, what was different about it, what you as an individual and organization should learn from it.

Third, hold a management meeting about the winner, and share with your leadership what it would look like to do 10 times more of these initiatives.  What would need to be true, what you would like them to help you with.

Fourth, display the award somewhere where lots can see it and ask about it.  Be proud of it – don’t bury it in an office somewhere.  Make a short clever video and put it beside the award.  Have fun with it, celebrate it.

Last, make this personal.   Make a specific and singular personal commitment on what you will do differently to do more work like all the winners tonight.

Five things to do.  Tomorrow morning.  For now, get back to enjoying tonight!

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