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The Sun Came Back to Cannes

Ideals. We kicked off the morning with an introduction to the ideal tree with the Young Marketers this morning. James Hurman followed up with a presentation on originality in creativity. James pointed out, “we’re much more likely to persuade people with an original argument than an old argument.”

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Lions Daily. There was an article about the Young Marketers Academy in Lions Daily today.

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Agile Consumers. Samsung had a phenomenal presentation about the agile consumer. Today’s agile consumer is always connected, in-tune with technology, youthful, and defined by a majority world. These consumers are grounded by meaningful ideas, which makes brand purpose so important. This is a generation of mobile first, with 5 times as many smartphones in the world compared to computers. Yet only 43% of marketers have mobile in their communication plans. Do your plans include mobile? Samsung’s does. And their success comes from studying their consumers, allowing them to shape the brand story.

Grab a Heineken. After a rainy few days, the sun came back to Cannes today, which makes the Cannes Connect bar that much better. If you haven’t made it over to grab a Heineken and meet new people, you should. Take advantage of the incredible networking opportunity.

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Golden Lions. The first of several awards ceremonies was tonight. Here are a few of my favorite winners: Speaking ExchangeSocial Swipe, and Trojan Mailing — don’t worry UCLA Bruins, that last one has nothing to do with your rivals.

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Friends. Kathleen and I spent the evening catching up with good friends over dinner and finished off the evening with a USA victory over Ghana in the World Cup!







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Day 3 in Cannes

Father’s Day. A rainy Father’s Day is Cannes started with nice messages from my kids, Claire and Trevor (older picture of us below). It’s always a special day to remember the important life lessons my Dad taught me. My Dad believed in the simple joys in life,  and taking the time to cherish them.  A good book,  a good walk,  a good story,  a good song,  a good laugh,  a good chocolate chip cookie.  He also believed life was about helping others,  and never expecting anything in return.  


Bright Young Minds. Today was the first day of the Cannes Lions Young Marketers Academy. I’m looking forward to an enlightening week with 42 hot shot marketers in their companies. You can follow our course on Twitter by using #CannesYM.

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Seminars. The Young Marketers attended Live Storytelling by Twitter with special guest Sir Patrick Stewart. We learned about the art of live storytelling to connect with the consumers in the moment when it is most important to them. It is important to be prepared with a model that is agile, so it works with any scenario that unfolds online. Your consumers own your story and you can enter in an honest and fun way.

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Visa and Sport. Kevin Burke, CMO of Visa, presented Sports As a Source of Global Inspiration. He talked about the key components of storytelling: a story must have meaningful purpose, needs to be a universal truth, must be delightful, and have a social mindset. Every communication from your brand should embody your brand promise. After the presentation, some of the Young Marketers were able to chat with Kevin.

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Lions Health Luncheon. We celebrated the end of a successful inaugural Lions Health. I enjoyed an inspiring weekend with the Publicis Healthcare Team and I look forward to what the healthcare industry creates this coming year.

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Vive la France. We finished the evening watching France in a World Cup match against Honduras. France dominated the game 3-0. Looking forward to the USA match tonight!

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Day 2 in Cannes

Full moon. Did anyone see the full moon over Côte d’Azur on Friday?

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Dean Stengel. I picked up my badge for the week at the Palais. It is one of my favorite titles, Cannes Lions Academy Dean! I’m looking forward to an enlightening week with the Cannes Lions Young Marketers and the senior marketing executives in the CMO Accelerator Programme.


Academy Prep. The rest of the team arrived today and we spent the afternoon making final preparations for the Young Marketers Academy.  Suzanne Tosolini and Serfi Altun are back again this year as Academy Tutors. Liz Keating will be live-tweeting the academy. You can follow the course by using #CannesYM on Twitter and following our team: Jim, Liz, Suzanne, and Serfi.


Dinner and Dessert. I finished off a rainy day in Cannes having dinner with a great friend from the ad industry, John McNeel. I may or may not have eaten everything on the plate.


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Lions Health

Day 1 at Lions Health. I was honored to kick off the inaugural Lions Health yesterday in Cannes.  Nick Colucci, CEO of Publicis Healthcare Communications Group, and I rehearsed backstage before the event.


Behind the Scenes. Heading into the Palais to present “Build An Inspired Organization NOW” with Nick Colucci and Alexandra von Plato.

photo 1

Presentation. On stage in Debussy theatre to speak at Lions Health. I talked about the three main ideas for where brand building is going- The Big Brand Idea, Storytelling is Advertising 2.0, and Talent and Organizational Energy is the New Competitive Advantage.

photo 3

The Big, Brand Idea. One of the biggest brand ideas from last year’s festival was Metro Trains’ Dumb Ways to Die. Their brand ideal is centered around keeping people safe around trains. Their campaign contributed to a 30% reduction in train “near-miss” accidents.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 1.40.12 PM

Storytelling is Advertising 2.0. Storytelling is a buzz word in the industry, but few are doing it right. Your brand story needs to authentic, compelling, and human. A great example of storytelling done right is Sanofi’s Connecting Nurses initiative.

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 1.51.29 PM

Talent and Organizational Energy is the New Competitive Advantage. According to Gallup, only 13% of employees feel engaged at work and employees who find purpose in their work have 1.7 times higher job satisfaction. I think Lee Clow sums it up perfectly.

LH Clow

Discussion. The presentation finished with a Q&A session with Nick Colucci.

photo 4

Inspiring. I stayed at the Palais to listen to the other presentations for the afternoon. I was moved by Samir Singh of  and Dr. Myriam Sidibe and their Lifebuoy Story. A lot of the themes from my presentation came out as they discussed their “Help a Child Reach 5” initiative. Samir pointed out, “You need to go beyond numbers and start telling stories.” Storytelling is so important to change habits. The ideal behind the Lifebuoy story is to help every child reach the age of 5 through hand washing. This simple act can save 600,00 lives a year – that is quite a compelling reason to go to work every day.


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Cannes Lions



We arrived in Cannes yesterday to kick off one of my favorite weeks of the year. Follow my blog for the next ten days for a behind-the-scenes view of  the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. You can also follow me on Twitter to get live updates of from my Lions Health presentation, Cannes Lions Young Marketers Academy, CMO Accelerator, and an exclusive leadership program for AOL clients.



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