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Checking in on the Young Marketers

I was in Kohler, WI this week and checked in on the Cannes Young Marketers from SC Johnson. We did not have rosé along the Côte d’Azur this time around, but we did enjoy cappuccino and some sunshine in beautiful Wisconsin!


The theme of our discussion was “stop thinking like a marketer and start thinking — and acting — like a human being in all we do.” We also talked about how to inspire creativity through the entire culture, with courage and originality, and what these young marketers can do to help lead that with their multifunctional colleagues.

I found it very inspiring to spend three hours with these young stars. They are all about positive change and I look forward to watching them as they continue to grow into the next generation marketing executives. Thank you for such an enlightening day, Dan, Meghan, Jackie, Trevor, Scott, Gary, and Heavenly!

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