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Flashback Friday: Six Years Ago Today

Six years ago today was my last day at P&G. We celebrated with a Halloween Party to toast to 25 years with an incredible company and amazing people. What a fun night!






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Eight Top Quotes From Masters of Marketing

Last week, I traveled to Orlando to attend the ANA Masters of Marketing Annual Conference. This event is special to me — in 2008, it served as my last keynote speech as Global Marketing Officer of Procter & Gamble. I returned to the ANA stage on Thursday to share what I had learned in the six years since leaving P&G and starting my own business, The Jim Stengel Company. I, along with nearly 3,000 other marketers, left Orlando energized with many new insights from an all-star line-up of speakers. Below are the best quotes of the week.

“Grow your business by fueling its purpose and putting brand champions first.”
Mark Addicks, CMO – General Mills

Mark spoke about creating a strong brand purpose in each of the General Mills brands and then living out that purpose in every aspect of the business.  A perfect example is Cheerios, whose commercials celebrate many different kinds of families. These ads have generated a lot of online discussion and have sparked a movement to celebrate all families.

“If values do not affect daily life, they are not values.”
Marty St. George, SVP, Commercial – JetBlue Airways

Marty stressed the importance of talking the talk and walking the walk when it comes to values. JetBlue’s values are centered on daily life and are lived out by everyone on the JetBlue team, no matter their role.  Marty goes on to explain that every employee who interacts with a customer is part of the marketing department. There is no stronger statement than to have everyone in your organization living your brand values.

“Innovation should be massively disruptive now – today.”
Kirk Perry, President, Global Client and Agency Solutions – Google

Kirk shared what he has learned in his first year at Google, focusing on the importance of being impatient and pushing for disruptive innovation for today’s world, not tomorrow’s. By having a healthy disregard for the impossible, great ideas, like Project Loon, can come to life.  Project Loon’s goal is to bring the Internet to the entire world. And it’s happening today.

“Don’t let your brand promise become your advertising tagline.”
Jeff Jones, CMO – Target

Jeff Jones delivered a tremendous speech which detailed the crisis that Target has faced over the past year.  Jeff and his team focused on the moments that create momentum. Those moments can help you track progress, help you celebrate milestones, and help fulfill a brand purpose.

“If you create a purpose, make sure you deliver on that purpose. It is the filter through which you make every decision.”
Anne Finucane, Global Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer – Bank of America

Anne suggested that she can “out-crisis” Jeff Jones and Target when she spoke about the tumultuous time at Bank of America during the recession. Tough economic times gave Anne and her team the opportunity to create a brand purpose. They realized “life’s better when we’re connected,” and let that be their guide for everyday decisions. Bank of America now lives out their purpose by connecting people to what is at the center of people’s lives.

“You are competing with every piece of content ever made for every person’s attention. You need to be entertaining. Don’t outsmart. Out entertain.”
Dolf van den Brink, President & CEO – Heineken USA

Dolf delivered an entertaining presentation about the creation of The Most Interesting Man in the World campaign. They found that the target consumer of Dos Equis would rather be dead than boring. So, they found an older man with a beard and a nondescript accent, who rarely drinks beer to sell their product. The result? The most recognized tagline in the beer category: Stay Thirsty My Friends.

“Art should be a part of everyday life.”
Craig Dubitsky, Founder & CEO – Hello Products

Craig’s passion for design has created a disruption in the oral care category.  He was on a mission to tame commodities — toothpaste and mouthwash, and create desirables — carefully designed products that look good on your sleek bathroom sink. This mission has been fueled by Craig’s belief that there is no boring category because everything can be beautiful. His line of oral care products exemplifies beautiful design that fits into everyday life.

“Our legacy is how we spend our time and who we spend it with.”
Jim Stengel, President/CEO –  The Jim Stengel Company

I am including this quote because it was the most tweeted quote during my presentation on Thursday. We hear a lot about legacy in every leadership class we take. But how often do we think about it in our daily lives? It is one of the most important leadership lessons, but not applied enough. Our careers fill our days and pay the bills. Legacy is the feeling we leave people with. Think about the legacy you want and let that influence your decisions every day.

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ANA Masters 2014

ANA Masters – Day 1

I arrived in sunny Orlando and I’m ready for an exciting few days at one of my favorite events!

Started off in rehearsal for my speech tomorrow. I’ll be talking about what I’ve learned since I last spoke at ANA Masters in 2008.

You can get a copy of my speech here.



The ANA has a phenomenal team that puts on an incredible event every year!




Checking out the venue and posing for my latest magazine cover!



Finished off the evening with the Opening Night dinner and rocking out with Melissa Etheridge!




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