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Leadership Lessons in Nantucket

I am currently in Nantucket with the AOL, Microsoft, and Verizon teams to celebrate their new partnership and get inspired about the future. Part of the day’s events included a Q&A session with two leaders I truly admire. Tim Armstrong interviewed Jack Welch about business and leadership. Here are my favorite quotes from today:

  • “Only three things matter in a business: employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and cash flow.”
  • “You always want to have the heart of a small company within a big muscular company.”
  • “You have no right to be a leader if you don¹t have candor with people.”
  • Great organizations have enormous fun together. They celebrate often.”
  • “Building trust and truth among people is the biggest leadership lesson I have learned.”
  • “Great leaders have a generosity gene.”

Today was an exciting day listening to these leaders speak and share ideas. I am looking forward to great things to come from this new team. Here are a few photos from the event:



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