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Our Favorite Brands During The Holiday Season

Although it’s been unseasonably warm at the Jim Stengel Co. headquarters this December, we can still feel that the holidays are right around the corner. That’s because our holiday experiences are shaped by the brands in our lives – for good or for bad.  Great brands elicit positive emotions from people. And the best brands bring out the fondest memories, the warmest feelings, and the happiest moments – particularly during the holidays. It’s these brands that make the holiday season special for my team and me. We each listed the brands that bring us joy during the holidays. Here is what we came up with:


AMAZON: I love Amazon’s wonderful cart system so I can store all of my possible gift ideas before I make my final choice.

AMAZON PRIME: The free, two day delivery has saved Christmas many a time – when I realize the toy needs batteries or the camera needs a memory card.

APPLE: I love to download movies, podcasts, and books so I can entertain myself during Christmas travel.

BUTTERBALL: No explanation needed here.

FITBIT: I love my Fitbit to keep track of my exercise in between eating all of those wonderful treats.

GOOGLE: I search for everything that I need to make the holidays complete: gifts, travel, recipes, and more.

HERSHEY’S: The red and green kisses are always in my candy dish and the happy holidays commercial will never get old.

HONEYBAKED HAM:  I don’t know what would happen in my house if a Honeybaked Ham was not among the menu items at Christmas.

NESTLÉ: I use Nestlé Toll House Morsels for my holiday baking.  They bring joy to my kitchen and delicious treats to my friends and family. They are great for chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate dipped dried apricots.

PANDORA: I listen to the Classical Christmas Channel to relax and wrap presents… and to listen to as I write speeches because business is not slowing down!

STARBUCKS: I do not need words on the red cups to tell me it’s Christmas — the holiday tunes, the gingerbread scent, and seasonal décor let me know it’s the most wonderful time of year.

WSJ: The best-kept secret for wrapping presents when you’re finished reading.

ZAPPOS: The quick free shipping and free returns enables me to have a stress-free holiday season.



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