2017 ANA Masters of Marketing – Day 2

Each speaker at the ANA has been asked,”what’s the one thing you recommend the audience does when they return to work Monday?”  Here are the responses from Day 2:


“Be brave and embrace your brand strengths.” – Eric Baldwin, Executive Creative Director, Wieden + Kennedy

“Build sales overnight and brand overtime — you must do both.” – Kevin Hochman, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC

“Your brand must simply be embedded in your organization, everyone must know their role in bringing the brand to life in the hearts and minds of your consumers.” – Lilian Tomovich, Chief Experience Officer, MGM Resorts

“Your brand needs to be authentic to what you are, be the best you.” – Rand Harbert, Chief Marketing Officer, State Farm

“Decide to do something bold.” – Paul Gunning, CEO, DDB Chicago

“You can be a force for good in the world, be inspired to do that.” – Emily Callahan, Chief Marketing Officer, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

“Keep things human centered, all activity should emanate from that.” – Eric Reynolds, Chief Marketing Officer, Clorox

“It’s not about the stimulus, it’s about the response. And if you are not failing, you are not pushing the limits.” – Maurice Herrera,  Head of Marketing, Weight Watchers

“The marketing function is a revenue-driving function, get your confidence and kick some butt!” – Antonio Lucio, Global Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, HP Inc.


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