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Seven Lessons Happened on the Way to the Hall of Fame

I was so thrilled to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame on May 11 alongside my colleagues and friends Jon Iwata of IBM,  Gary Briggs of Facebook, and Professor Jerry Wynd from The Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.

Each of us gave a short TED-style talk on what we had learned in our career,  and how we see the future of marketing evolving.


I shared seven lessons that I happened to learn on my way to the Hall of Fame.


1. Spend your life with a person/people you love and trust.  I met Warren Buffet a few years ago,  and he said the most important decision in your life is who you spend it with.  Nothing is even close.  I could not agree more.

2. Run your life and business with purpose. I believe in this so much I wrote a book on it.  I have found it is the best way to grow a lasting business and organization.  I have also learned it is very helpful to develop a behavioral framework with your team on what it means to lead with purpose;  that makes it sustainable.

3. Get out more. I wish I had done this even more in my career.  Leaders need to be focusing more on the future,  what is around the corner.  One of the best things I did at P&G was to get out and visit Google when they were a startup—it resulted in an employee exchange that the Wall Street Journal found so significant they put it on their front page.

4. Move fast, be decisive.  Have you ever said that you made a decision too quickly?  Or too slowly?  I bet more the latter.  I have just completed a 2.5 year project researching how startups can help legacy companies renew themselves—making faster decisions is at the top of the list.

5. Live with health, joy and resilience.  These three things are the key to a happy life.  And they are all in our control.  One thing I like to do is yoga on the beach—what is your favorite healthy,  joyful activity?

6. Have great bosses. I have been fortunate to have many.  One of my best was Herbert Schmitz at P&G.  He gave me big goals and then encouraged me to move fast and not be afraid to fail.

7. Be a great boss. This is also within our control,  and there is nothing higher leverage than this.

My favorite memento from my long career at P&G was a book my team made for me when I was Global Marketing Officer.  They did it for my 50th birthday,  and it was a collection of meaningful—and humorous—memories, pictures,  and principles.  If your team made you a book,  what would be in it?  What would you like in it?

Thank you to the AMA New York for this incredible honor. Congratulations to Jon, Gary, and Jerry.

A special thank you to my P&G colleagues who surprised me at the event. And thank you to Tim Armstrong and Aol for sponsoring the dinner and being there to support me.


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