Asia-centric Multinational

Building marketing leadership capability

asia-multinational-lgPractice Area: Leadership Development

Our client is a multinational corporation with operations in more than 130 countries and territories. The senior management has a Marketing Leadership Forum to train and develop their best global talent.


Help key marketing leaders from around the world raise their standards in personal leadership and make progress on business challenges.


The Jim Stengel Company designed and facilitated a full-day workshop for select leaders in the client’s marketing organization from around the world. The workshop focused on inspiring leadership talent through insights into how Ideal-driven brands grow, the role of great CMOs, and the power of communication in culture and leadership. Through facilitated exercises, participants applied inspiration to key business challenges, developing and sharing their own individualized action plans.


Workshop participants came away inspired and prepared for action. Each leader created and shared their concrete action plans for growth, reinforcing their commitment to the plans and to the brand ideals behind them. All expressed enthusiasm about making their ideals central to their culture, innovating and improving how they communicate the ideal internally and externally. Feedback was uniformly excellent and the Jim Stengel Company has been invited back to train the next generation of leaders for four years running.