Brand “DNA”

Creating a model for communicating Brand DNA

brand-dna-lgPractice Area: Workshops & Consulting/ Communicate

A leading global company with a portfolio of brands sought to communicate their “Brand DNA” throughout their organization. While its brands were clearly defined with strong and consistent in-market execution, the Brand DNA was not explicit and shared broadly. Recognizing the limitations this posed for global brand leadership and depth of brand understanding across the portfolio of brands, the client turned to us for help.


To create a model for communicating a Brand Ideal and Brand DNA clearly and consistently.


We created the first ever “Brand Book” for one of the client’s signature brands as a model for other brands. We started by interviewing brand leaders around the world to:

  • Understand the brand’s heritage and current brand equity globally
  • Learn where there are gaps in the transfer of brand knowledge
  • Identify what knowledge of the brand is needed across the organization, by whom, and when

We worked closely with the global brand leaders to:

  • Refine every aspect of the Brand DNA (Brand Ideal, Points of Difference, Personality, Brand Identifiers)
  • Carefully select the right language to communicate those choices
  • Select global in-market examples to bring the Brand DNA to life
  • Create a clear, engaging structure and layout for communications
  • Gather input from regional brand leaders and adjust content accordingly.


  • Improved alignment and engagement among the brand leaders and team on Brand DNA choices
  • The Brand Book was used successfully to bring the choices to life.
  • The client is now replicating the Brand Book process and model across their entire portfolio of brands.