Cannes Lions CMO Accelerator Programme

Jump-starting brand-building creativity

Smile! Check out a photo of some of the 2013 Cannes Lions CMO Accelerator Programme participants. See anyone you know?

Practice area: Leadership Development

The Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is the world’s largest gathering of advertising professionals, designers, digital innovators, and marketers. Founded in 1954, it celebrates the best of creativity with more than 35,000 entries for its coveted Cannes Lions Awards. The Festival also fosters discussion and collaboration on industry issues. In 2003, Jim Stengel brought a P&G delegation seeking inspiration and innovative ideas, starting the trend of clients attending Cannes, in addition to advertising and media professionals.


To create a meaningful, two-day event at the Cannes Festival of Creativity that inspires, educates, and empowers CMOs to achieve their businesses’ full potential.


The Jim Stengel team carefully screened 25 senior marketing executives representing diverse industries and geographies. We then gathered their brand-building issues and created an agenda, a speaker list, and content targeting those issues. The result was a two-day “Cannes Lions CMO Accelerator Programme” featuring top speakers focusing on key issues. Examples include:

  • A panel on Big Data and how to leverage it as a CMO
  • Cannes award winners shared their vision on the CMO’s role in inspiring creativity
  • The CMO of the Advertiser of the Year on how to get consistently great work
  • Industry legends like Jean Marie Dru on the state of the industry, and TED speakers on how to bring big ideas into your business

The Cannes Lions CMO Accelerator Programme provided invaluable peer-to-peer learning. Participants turned learning into action by creating their own individualized brand-building action plans.


Participant satisfaction and evaluation of our Cannes Lions CMO Accelerator Programme far exceeded the norm. In its first year (2013), the Programme received an 82 net promoter score and a 4.7/5.0 overall rating.