Accelerating growth in competitive, low-growth categories

conagra-lgPractice Area: Workshops

ConAgra is a $13 billion multinational food company with 50 diverse brands—some grown organically, some through acquisition. In 2012, ConAgra’s leadership launched a five-year strategy called “Recipe for Growth.” Top-line sales needed to accelerate to meet their goals.


Help ConAgra accelerate growth across their many brands in highly competitive categories.


The Jim Stengel Company designed and facilitated a workshop, called “Put on your aprons! An active workshop to enhance your Recipe for Growth with unique, authentic, sustainable ingredients.” The 150 participants were all key leaders in ConAgra’s global marketing organization. The workshop focused on strengthening each brand’s ideal, with specific plans to bring the ideal to life, both in the culture and in how ConAgra communicates.


Each brand team in the workshop created concrete action plans for growth against all three areas of focus:

  • Strengthening the brand ideal
  • Activating the ideal in the culture
  • Improving how they communicate the ideal

Several leaders shared their actions plans publicly, reinforcing their commitment to them and to the brand ideals behind them.