Driving organizational alignment across a portfolio of businesses

defender-direct-lgPractice area: Workshops

DEFENDER Direct is one of the nation’s largest home security dealers. Based in Indianapolis, the company has more than 2,000 employees in over 120 offices nationwide. The company is now expanding into other residential services, including heating and cooling.


Help DEFENDER Direct unify its expanding portfolio of businesses under a common purpose.


The Jim Stengel Company conducted a full-day workshop with 20 representatives from all areas and levels of the organization. We combined analysis of the participants’ reflections with external case inspiration, using our proprietary tools to define key values and motivations. As a group, we then drafted Ideal statement candidates, made a final selection based on criteria, and explored implications for activation.


The new Ideal statement has been enthusiastically embraced by all stakeholders, including the founder, David P. Lindsey, newly acquired businesses, and the company’s directors.  DEFENDER Direct is now integrating their Ideal into internal culture and programs and external communications.