Stoner Inc.

Defining a consumer brand positioning framework

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Founded in the 1940s, the family-run Stoner Inc. manufactures Invisible Glass, the #1 selling glass cleaner in the retail auto parts market. As consumers from outside of their core automotive market discovered Invisible Glass in greater numbers, Stoner saw an opportunity to dramatically expand their consumer base by launching Invisible Glass into the household cleaning aisle. Faced with the need to reach a different consumer in a highly competitive marketplace, Stoner leadership turned to the Jim Stengel Company for a more sophisticated approach to brand positioning and communication.


To provide the Stoner leadership team with brand positioning frameworks needed to enter a highly competitive, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market with one of their leading products.


We began with extensive pre-work and analysis to assess the brand and the competitive landscape.

  • Conducted management interviews on brand heritage, business objectives, and consumer understanding
  • Assessed the category and competition through secondary research
  • Conducted in-store field work

Based on this foundational insight, we designed a tailored “choice-making” workshop that:

  • Defined the strategic target and the key prime prospects for the brand
  • Introduced a brand positioning framework to the lead team
  • Facilitated a process to make choices on the primary brand benefit, the reason to believe, and the brand personality for Invisible Glass


The workshop helped the leadership team define a clear, actionable Brand DNA for Invisible Glass in the B2C category—including target audience, brand benefit, reason to believe, brand personality, and brand identifiers. The Stoner team was equipped to enter the new category with confidence.