U.S. Multinational

Building key marketing skills on communication

us-multinational-lgPractice area: Brand Building Capability

A leading global corporation was holding a leadership training event for marketing leaders from around the world. The Jim Stengel Company was asked to design and deliver one-day training on communication excellence.


Raise marketing leaders’ standard of excellence in communication, an essential marketing skill.


We created an interactive day of skills development. Based on an in-depth understanding of their needs, we worked with their global capability team to create an entirely new creative brief for the company. This brief was designed to integrate seamlessly with existing processes and tools, such as media planning. The day was designed to deploy the brief and train on brief writing in an inspirational manner. The day included:

  • Keynote on communication excellence showcasing global examples across all touch points
  • Keynote on the globalization of creative work in ways that are locally relevant
  • Deployment of a new briefing tool to enable more creative work
  • Training on brief writing and briefing skills


Attendees reported that this was the best training event they had ever experienced, with a great mix of inspirational examples and practical know-how.