Cannes 2017

    Jim's Quick Roundup of Cannes 2017


    You're Back From Cannes - Now What?

    Heard in Cannes:
    "Your agency is not a vending machine, you don't just put money in and good creative comes out. You and your agency need to be a true partnership."
    Heard in Cannes:
    “If your destination is more important to you than your fear, you can achieve things you never thought possible.”
    "Say what you believe out loud. You never know who might be listening." - Charles Day
    Unilever's 3 Rules to Craft Brands for Life
    1. Put People First
    2. Build Brand Love
    3. Unlock Magic
    "The #1 Rule of Modern Business: disrupt or be disrupted." - Charles Day
    "You can't buy people to use your products. You need to design for the consumer so they want to use your product." - R/GA
    "Find a creative partner who you trust, stick with them and win." - Carter Murray, FCB
    "Effectiveness is not efficiency. It is the discipline of producing commercially successful work." - Gurdeep Puri
    "Sistine Chapel Brief: paint the creation of the universe. Extremely clear, but inspiring and liberating for the creative."

    Interview with Ogilvy


    Wednesday Seminar Picks

    10:00 Lumiere: Machine Learning for Everyone

    12:30 Innovation Forum: Why A Strategic Investment Is A Win/Win For Startups

    13:00 Lumiere: Does Brand Purpose Really Drive Great Work?


    Tuesday Seminar Picks

    11:00 Inspiration Stage: New Marketer Experience: Exploiting the Power of Data

    13:00 Inspiration Stage: Man, Machine and Creativity: IBM Watson and Alex Da Kid

    YM in One Word

    The Young Marketers shared their hope for the week.


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