Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads: Selina Yoon


Our team took a look back at the best Super Bowl ads in history. Here are Selina Yoon‘s top picks:




Coca Cola’s “Hey Kid, Catch!” – After a tough game, Mean Joe Greene is given a Coke by a child who looks up to him. It communicated so much: have a Coke and everything will be okay. Mean Joe was portrayed as a nice, relatable guy. This was so effective for the Coke brand. It moved people’s hearts and their love of brand got bigger.

Snicker’s “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry – Betty White”  – This ad communicates how Snicker’s delivers on satisfying your hunger in a humorous, relevant way to the Super Bowl audience. I loved it.

Budweiser is a perennial favorite of mine. I think we are conditioned to look for what Budweiser will do each year for the Big Game. So many popular phrases have come out of Budweiser Superbowl spots and that is powerful. (“Wassup!”) Budweiser = football culture = American culture

Apple’s “1984” – It was such a memorable 60 seconds that told a powerful story of revolution in technology. Apple history cannot be told without this iconic ad that led to a break-through for the brand. And the ad worked — I bought a Macintosh shortly after it was launched!

Do you agree with Selina’s picks? Are there other Super Bowl ads you love? Join the conversation on Twitter.

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