Reader Experiences

The value of brand ideals, in their own words

Senior business leaders in diverse industries have pointed to Jim Stengel’s Grow as a major force for helping them transform their business strategies based on a strong Brand Ideal. Here’s what some of them have to say.

“Jim has made a profound contribution to strategic thinking at our company, most importantly by elevating the thought process from “How” to “Why,” questioning the most basic motivations of doing business and establishing clear brand purpose for each of our brands.”

- President, Yum! Restaurants International and Global Brand Building

“We came away with new thoughts, ideas, and actions on all our teams, to strengthen our brands … Jim challenged and inspired our leaders to grow their own leadership skills, which has now spread across Marketing and other functions across our organization.”

- Chief Marketing Officer, Brown-Forman

“Thank you for your inspiration and support.  Your book, Grow, and Brand Ideal tremendously helped us shape our thinking and approach to a new brand strategy.”

- EVP/CMO, Samsung

“We are a 176-year-old, family-owned, sixth-generation company that produces solutions for the mining industries around the world. Our company has achieved explosive growth over the past 5 to 7 years and reading your new book, I believe we have been doing a lot of the things right in each of the Brand Ideal Tree leaves.”

- EVP/CFO, McLanahan Corporation

“You have no idea what you have started. You have already made a profound difference at Luxottica.”

- CEO, Luxottica