Build an organizational culture around your Brand Ideal

Culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Inspiring and energizing people to work toward a common ideal can unleash their full potential. Leadership must set the tone for what they stand for and be clear about it, both internally and externally. All of your actions communicate culture.

We have found these 10 “Culture Builders” unlock growth in people and business:

  1. Reveal your inspirational Ideal and operationalize it
  2. Be clear about what you stand for, inside and outside the company
  3. Design your organization for what it needs to win
  4. Get your team right and do it quickly
  5. Champion innovation of all kinds
  6. Set your standards very high
  7. Train all the time
  8. Do a few symbolic things to create excitement
  9. Think like a winner. Act like a winner.
  10. Live your desired legacy

When the culture is on track, aligned with an ideal of improving people’s lives, the business soars. Evolving and improving your culture is a continuous process.

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