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Jim Stengel is always on the move, making a positive impact on the purpose-driven brand management conversation globally. Keep pace with Jim and his company in the media and at events around the world.

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The State of Brand Purpose

Branding Magazine

Now, over ten years into the brand purpose trend, we feel it’s time to ask “Where Is Why Going?”  So we’ve turned to four leading thinkers and practitioners in the realm of organizational and brand purpose.

Architect & Artist

Gregory S. Carpenter and Thomas C. Hayes

Piercing silos and leading cultural change, as Jim Stengel did for seven years as CMO at Procter & Gamble, is now “a huge piece” of this demanding new dual role for CMOs.

How GE, Target, And Levi’s Keep Their Cool


In his new book, Unleashing the Innovators, Jim Stengel, former global marketing officer at Procter & Gamble, studied some 200 “odd couple” partnerships between established companies and tech-focused upstarts. Here’s how the arrangement helped three veteran brands rediscover their vitality.

The Top 10 Books to Read This Fall


How do you infuse startup DNA into a Fortune 500 company? The question isn’t new, and yet few corporations are able to crack the code. In his second book, Stengel, the former marketing chief of Procter & Gamble, lays out how legacy companies can inject speed, innovation, and new technology into their operations. 

Acquisitions are out: How companies like GE and General Mills partner with startups to avoid self destruction

LinkedIn Weekend

Most established enterprises haven’t invented anything truly dynamic in decades. Procter & Gamble, the perennial most admired company (and my alma mater), has produced no transformational new brands since Swiffer and Febreze back in the early 2000s, although they have strengthened core brands with initiatives like Tide PODS, Gillette Fusion, and Pampers Swaddlers.

How to Unleash Innovation at Long-Standing Companies

Wall Street Journal - CMO Today

Facing the whirlwind of change that defines today’s business world, how can established companies stay relevant? By forging smart partnerships with startups, says Jim Stengel, business consultant and former CMO of Procter & Gamble, in a new book.   

How to Build a Breakthrough Brand

FORTUNE MAGAZINE  What does it take for a brand to truly break through in today’s crowded market? Just as it has with everything else, digital transformation has upended the traditional rules of marketing.

Jim Stengel on Leveraging Ideals to Power Profit and Purpose

Cause Marketing Forum hosted a webinar featuring Jim Stengel on February 17, 2016.

The Brand Winners and Losers of Super Bowl 50

The Denver Broncos lifted the Lombardi trophy last night, their victory over the Carolina Panthers certain and decisive. But there wasn’t a clear winner in the other big game — the one being played off-field.

Super Bowl Ads Play It Safe, Sticking To The Script

“I think brands and commercials that are embracing this idea of a higher purpose and a higher idea are getting smarter about it,” said Jim Stengel.

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Press Releases

Former P&G CMO Jim Stengel Named Chair of in/PACT International Advisory Board

May 5, 2015 -

NEW YORK CITY, MAY 5th, 2015 — Interactive cause marketing firm in/PACT announced today that Jim Stengel, CEO of the Jim Stengel Company and author of the best-selling book on purpose-driven brands, Grow, has been named Chairman of the company’s International Advisory Board. “Brand purpose

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Keating Joins The Jim Stengel Company

January 13, 2014 -

The Jim Stengel Company announced today that Liz Keating will be joining the firm as Marketing Director.

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UCLA Names Stengel Marketing Professor

June 18, 2009 -

UCLA Anderson School of Management Dean Judy Olian today announced the appointment of marketing guru Jim Stengel, former global marketing officer of Procter & Gamble and president of Jim Stengel, LLC, as an adjunct marketing professor at the school.

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Jim Stengel on MarketShare™ Advisory Board

March 11, 2009 -

MarketShare Partners (MSP), the industry-leading marketing analytics firm, announced the appointment of Jim Stengel, former Global Marketing Officer of Procter & Gamble (P&G) and current President of Jim Stengel, LLC, a think tank and consultancy, to its Board of Advisors.

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Stengel Joins Board of Advisors for MarketShare Partners

March 11, 2009 -

Jim Stengel, former global marketing officer for Procter & Gamble, has joined the Board of Advisors for MarketShare Partners (MSP), an industry-leading marketing analytics firm headquartered in Los Angeles.

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Stengel Part of Washington Speakers Bureau®

December 1, 2008 -

One of the world’s most respected business executives, Jim Stengel reveals the secrets to fostering rapid innovation in order to more meaningfully connect brands and people on a global scale.

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Former Procter & Gamble GMO Launches New Venture

November 1, 2008 -

Former global marketing officer for Procter & Gamble, launches his post-P&G venture “Jim Stengel, LLC” today. The new venture is both a think tank and consultancy that conducts proprietary research, generates thought leadership and applies a new framework to drive business growth in today’s global economy.

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Jim Stengel Partners With Millward Brown

November 1, 2008 -

In collaboration with Jim Stengel and the UCLA Anderson School of Management, Millward Brown Optimor conducted research for the book Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies.

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