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Insights on Brand Ideals from the source

Educating current and future business leaders about the critical role Ideals play in successful brands and companies is Jim Stengel’s passion. He continues to expand upon and share his insights in forums worldwide. See what he has to say.


Simon Business School University of Rochester

Dean Ainslie Interviews Marketing Guru Jim Stengel

in/PACT Play Your Part

Purpose As The Management Philosophy Of The 21st Century

Prince EA at SB50

in/PACT Advisory Board Chairman Jim Stengel talks #PlayYourPart with Prince Ea

Stay Open

Jim Stengel interviews Mark Hoplamazian, Preisdent & Chief Executive Officer, Hyatt Hotels Corporation

Reframing Business Around Ideals

Jim Stengel's 2012 TED talk on the power of Ideals in business, branding and life.

Jim Stengel is Interviewed by Phil Thomas Cannes Lions CEO

Jim discusses how marketing and creativity intersect.

Choose Wisely

Jim interviews Mark Hoplamazian, President & Chief Executive Officer, Hyatt Hotels Corporation


Former P&G CMO Jim Stengel Named Chair of in/PACT International Advisory Board

The Playbook For Big Companies

Everyone is struggling with culture change, growth, and fear of failure. There are a lot of books written by startup founders, but no playbook for big companies. Jim Stengel's new book Unleashing the Innovators is just that.

How Purpose Drives Growth

Interview with Ogilvy at Cannes Lions 2016

Conversations from Penn State

Conversations from Penn State: How ideals drive business growth and branding

Running a Business on Purpose

Should we really be looking to business for purpose?

3 Ways CPG Marketing Is Changing

Jim discusses the three ways CPG marketing is changing.

Inside the Movement

A short preview of Jim’s book, Grow, exploring what makes the best businesses the best

A New Story

Jim reveals why the story of business has to change

How to Impact "Ideals"

An inside look at Jim Stengel’s strategies for companies implementing their Ideals

Holistic Ideals

Jim reveals why the language of business should change

Measure the Purpose

How measuring Ideals can lead to growth

Effective Recruiting

Jim's view on finding the right people

Get Inspired by Grow

A short preview of Jim’s book, Grow, and what he hopes resonates with readers

Share Your Thoughts on Grow

Jim invites readers to share their thoughts about his book, Grow, on Facebook

A New Journey

A closer look at the concept of Jim's book, Grow

Jim Stengel at Cannes

An interview with Jim at the 2010 Cannes Lions Festival in Cannes, France

The 5 Principles of Great Brands

Jim's view on how to lift marketing as a discipline for the benefit of consumers

How to Find the Brand Ideal

Jim's insights on the most effective ways to find a brand's Ideal

Disruptive Innovation

Fresh ideas for the Google™ TV Ads Summit

Rethink: Marketing, Branding and Life

A collection of inspirational clips from Jim's lectures worldwide

Jim Is Interviewed by Philip Thomas, Cannes Lions CEO

Jim discusses the evolution of the Cannes Lions Festival and how marketing and creativity intersect

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Articles and Essays

Stengel Series with Fortune

Traveling over 40,000 miles across three continents, we conducted 100 interviews with leaders at 10 companies. We learned a lot about the behaviors and practices of these leaders who are activating ideals and outgrowing their competitors.

The Case for the Brand Ideal

Jim Stengel explains how great Ideals must stand for something compelling to the people they touch

Jim Stengel’s Blog

Guiding brand owners, CMOs and CEOs toward ideals-driven brand strategies that fuel growth is Jim’s passion. Keep tabs on his insights, experiences and findings by reading his blog. Read Jim’s Blog

Ideals: The New Engine of Business Growth

Read how Jim Stengel, with the help of Millward Brown Optimor, proved that the most successful brands are built around Ideals

Lancaster native who helped Procter & Gamble double its sales talks leadership

On Wednesday, the Lancaster County native whose tenure as global marketing officer at Procter & Gamble Co. saw the company’s sales double returned to tell 300 local leaders that one key is setting a purpose that transcends the daily grind.

You Gotta Have Heart: Building Brands by Improving Families’ Lives

Visionary former Procter & Gamble Chief Marketer Jim Stengel shares growth strategies with Association of National Advertisers’ Alliance for Family Entertainment members.

How to Build a Breakthrough Brand

FORTUNE MAGAZINE What does it take for a brand to truly break through in today’s crowded market? Just as it has with everything else, digital transformation has upended the traditional rules of marketing.