Brand Building Capability

Growing your organization’s marketing competency

Brand value accounts for 30% of the S&P 500’s market capitalization. That’s why U.S. corporations spend more than $500 billion on advertising. Yet analytics firm MarketShare estimates that 25% of that spending is misallocated. The Jim Stengel Company can help you build an organization that makes the most of your marketing investment.

We help you answer the critical questions that drive outstanding performance:

  • What is the ideal/purpose your company aspires to?
  • What is the definition of marketing in your organization?
  • What is the unique value you bring to the enterprise?

Using our proven capability-building framework, we help you:

  • Define the CEO’s role in marketing/branding
  • Create a tailored company approach to brand building and codify it into shareable materials for internal use and training
  • Define core capabilities and skills your organization requires
  • Create an ongoing training program on communication excellence
  • Deliver training on agency/partner management

Contact us to discuss a customized program for enhancing your organization’s capability.