CEO/CMO Coaching & Mentoring

Don’t walk the brand strategy path alone

Jim Stengel has successfully walked in your shoes. He understands the demands, the challenges, and triumphs of providing leadership to thousands of business and marketing professionals responsible for driving multi-billon-dollar businesses. Benefit from his expertise.

On a limited, selective basis, the Jim Stengel Company provides one-on-one coaching and mentoring to CEOs and CMOs. We tailor guidance to meet your needs. Whether you are new to your position, facing new business and/or marketing issues, or simply looking to grow personally as a professional, you will benefit from our mentoring and coaching:

  • Objective and insightful in our feedback on your marketing leadership approach and its impact on the business and on the organization
  • Cutting-edge in our perspective and point-of-view on marketing leadership and business trends
  • Inspiring and energizing as we coach you to crystalize and communicate your hopes, dreams, vision for your role, and your desired “legacy” as CEO/CMO
  • Accessible and resourceful, pulling in members of our team to provide assistance and content training in selected capability areas, as needed

To explore a private Coaching & Mentoring engagement, please contact us.