Powered by a continuous stream of proprietary, automated, and independently verified metrics and analytics, the tool enables brand leaders to explore how their Brand Purpose stacks up

BERA, the predictive brand tech platform that helps marketers and brand leaders measure, maximize and manage their brands, announced today the launch of its Purpose Portal an interactive online portal enabling users to access the ‘Purpose Scores’ of 4,000-plus leading brands across 200 categories.

“We are delighted to unveil a freemium platform that allows anyone to see how their brand’s Purpose scores with consumers relative to an entire universe of brand culture,” said Joah Santos, CMO at BERA. “We have illuminated a costly blind spot for marketers, and can prove unequivocally that Purpose is a material differentiator with a tangible, measurable impact on brand equity, sales, profitability, and value. Those who find the Purpose Portal insightful will relish the depth of underlying insights provided by our Brand Accelerator SaaS platform, which can show the strengths and weaknesses of a brand’s Purpose and Brand Equity by audience, geolocation, time period, and more.”

BERA’s Purpose Portal is the result of a collaboration with Jim Stengel Company, the world’s leading experts on Brand Purpose. “Purpose is why your brand exists beyond making money. It is so much more than corporate social responsibility or cause marketing, it reflects the ideals a brand represents and should shape every decision or action across the business,” said Stengel, who is also former CMO of Procter & Gamble and a key stakeholder in the Purpose data stream, methodology, and analytics that BERA has developed. “Through this new Purpose Portal offering, BERA gives major brands a taste of where they stand relative to their traditional and nontraditional peer sets.”

Inspired by seeing brand leaders struggle with quantifying the link between their brands’ Purpose and business results, BERA developed a proprietary data stream and scoring technique to power automated, predictive analytics. These features not only quantify the strengths and weaknesses of any brand’s Purpose, but also their impact on growth and profitability.

BERA and Stengel developed the Purpose Score through qualitative and quantitative research, distilling more than 100 possible Purpose attributes down to a single Purpose score powered by 13 core metrics that have the most causality to brand equity and business outcomes.

Prior to releasing the Purpose Portal, BERA enlisted Fortuna Advisors, a leading financial consulting firm and shareholder value advisor, and the Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose Group, a CEO coalition representing more than $21 trillion in AUM, to conduct an independent audit of the Purpose Score’s efficacy. Their analysis found that higher Purpose Scores correlated with greater Return on Capital, higher P/E and EBITDA multiples, and elevated Total Shareholder Returns.

“As BERA found, high-equity brands that score high on Purpose outperform their high-equity, low-purpose counterparts by a wide margin across four key behavioral drivers of consumer demand: Consideration, Willingness to Pay, Stated Usage, and Preference,” said Greg Milano, CEO and Founder of Fortuna Advisors. “Purpose can be a game-changing multiplier of brand equity, especially when brand equity is already high.”

Check out the Purpose Portal here.


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