Deloitte’s Global Marketing Trends (Part 1) | Building An Intelligent Creative Engine

This is the first installment of our two-part mini-series exploring Deloitte’s Global Marketing Trends Report. This study is massive, and Deloitte surveyed over 1k executives (many of them C-Level), over 10k consumers, and 556 global CMOs.

In this episode, Jim delves into “Building the Intelligent Creative Engine.” Simply being creative isn’t enough in marketing anymore. Companies need to find and hire creative AND analytical marketers—but those changes don’t have to be a massive overhaul. The answer is to make a series of smaller changes within your company to help everyone work in an agile mode, and to ensure everyone adopts a more collaborative spirit— because collaboration is key to building a creative engine that moves at the speed of culture.

In this conversation, Jim explores the findings of the report with three special guests. First, it’s Jennifer Veenstra, Deloitte’s Global CMO Program Leader, who led the enormous effort behind Deloitte’s Global Market Trends Report.

Jim also chats with Livia Zufferli, one of the authors of the report’s talent section. Livia is a senior marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience in retail and consumer goods, including time as Target’s Head of Marketing in Canada. A leader in Deloitte’s Customer & Marketing practice, Livia’s areas of focus include brand strategy, integrated marketing planning, communication strategy, advertising, and creative/content development.

Finally, in order to understand the practicality of these findings, Jim speaks with Laura Curtis Ferrera, the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Scotiabank, the third-largest financial services company in Canada.

The topics covered in these conversations include: designing an agile team structure, rethinking influencer strategies, hiring skilled people no matter where they live, making sure your team is in sync with your brand purpose, and much more.

Listen to the episode here.

Read Deloitte’s Global Marketing Trends Report in full here.


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