A passion for purpose.

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We help brands and companies discover and activate their purpose.

See Why Purpose Matters and how it drives growth

We believe people can do extraordinary things when equipped with the right strategies, tools and mentorship. It is the underlying thread in all our work in Purpose Discovery, Activation and Measurement, Speaking and Skill building.

What We Do

An activated purpose is what inspires, motivates and retains employees and customers.

Our History

Business leaders who believe there’s a better way.

While leading transformations on brands like Hershey, Lexus, Nestle, SC Johnson and Shire our founder, Jim Stengel, began to see a common thread- truly significant transformation is born from authentically activating a brand’s higher purpose.

We have worked with 90 different companies from Fortune 50’s to Start-ups and found that all of them are struggling with sustaining growth, differentiation in the marketplace and employee engagement.  Our proprietary “Purpose Path to Growth” approach addressed these challenges head on, helping leadership teams galvanize their organizations to move toward significant, lasting change.

We are small by design because we believe every client should have a “Master” working with them. We’ve never liked the word “consultant” because all of us have been practitioners for many years; we like to be side-by-side with clients, not “consulting” them.

We are independent and self-funded, so we are careful about who we work with. We partner with clients and thought leaders who share our conviction that purpose-led businesses are healthier, more sustainable, and growth oriented.



We have worked for and consulted in over 100 different cities and 5 continents


Years of Experience

Every member of our team is a seasoned executive with experience as a business leader



Over 10 years, we have actively helped 90 companies on their purpose journey

Jim Stengel Team Member

A Team
Built With

We’re a team of 12 diverse experts who help companies grow by reaching their higher ideals. Through diversity of thought, race, ethnicity, gender, and culture we can see challenges in a new light and bring about unexpected solutions.

The Purpose Path to Growth
What We Deliver

Actionable Outcomes

Solutions Beat Theory

Abstract concepts do not drive business growth, implementable solutions do. We exist to help business discover actionable paths to reaching their goals.

When you work with the Stengel Group, you work with expert guides to co-develop customized practical solutions.  Our experience gives us a unique ability to quickly understand your business challenges and how to structure solutions.

Customized Solutions

We move beyond standard templates to enable organizations to succeed.  We uncover underlying motivators and tensions, explore company heritage, competition, cultural trends and category drivers.  We then use proprietary tools to uncover the values, beliefs, purpose, strategic differentiators and iconic assets at the heart of the organization. We then work with organizations to establish actionable plans for delivering on their commitments both internally and externally. 


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