Focus Area: Skill Building - Advanced Brand Building
How much stronger would a Fortune 50 healthcare company be if its leaders embraced and integrated Purpose into brand building?

This company came to the Stengel Group looking for a way to build Purpose into their existing ways of brand building.  Senior management was mixed in its conviction that a purpose-centric approach to brand building would improve their business, so the first step was to engage the company’s leaders on their concerns and doubts. We integrated the company’s data with our research and experience on purpose and developed the “Case for Purpose” for their organization and shared this at a leadership summit. We then evaluated their brand building tools and frameworks to make the adjustments for purpose to be the foundation of their brand building model. This work led to full company conviction for purpose to be at the center of their evolved brand building model,  with higher engagement from their teams to make a larger impact on their customers through their brands.


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