Don McGuire is the SVP and CMO for Qualcomm, the world’s largest wireless technology innovator. Chances are if you use a camera on your phone, use wireless headphones, play video games, make a phone call, or drive an electric car, you are likely using something Qualcomm invented. Don has a rich career in tech, working for companies like AT&T, Sprint, Cricket, Intel…and now Qualcomm.

Jim and Don dive into Don’s beginnings in telecommunications which started out selling cell phones when the only mobile phone at the time could be found as part of a luxury car. They delve into the skills he acquired from one position to the next, culminating in a broad scope and understanding of the intricacies of the industry, that eventually led him to the role of CMO. Plus infusing credibility in your marketing, the CEO/CMO relationship, the alignment of business and marketing goals, the value of brands owning their narrative, and more.

CMOs often hold one of the most innovative and challenging roles in business today. Those who excel can operate at the highest level to drive growth and create value for their organizations. To learn more how Deloitte helps bolster the value CMOs deliver, visit

Listen to the episode here.


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