Did you know the consumer research industry has a whopping $75 billion in revenue in the US alone? Then, why in the world do we have such trouble discovering insights that can change or reframe how someone feels about a brand or a company? On this week’s episode, Jim will shine some light on this massive opportunity!

Jim’s guests on The CMO Podcast are Gunny Scarfo and Lindsey Wehking of Nonfiction Research, a six-year-old company with this purpose: to create uncensored, emotional research studies that usher the hidden thoughts and feelings of everyday people into the rooms where decisions get made, so that organizations can better serve everyday people.

Gunny and Lindsey are upstarts in the tradition-rich research industry. Gunny is the co-founder of Nonfiction, with a career that spans several roles in the agency world, including stints at Accenture Interactive and Vice Media; Lindsey spent almost five years at the PR firm FleishmanHillard before her move to Nonfiction. In their conversation, Jim explores their learnings on why research must change, and how this can help marketing leaders better serve their customers.

Listen to the full episode here.


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