The guest today on The CMO Podcast is Shane Murphy-Reuter, the Chief Marketing Officer of Webflow, the 11-year-old company that is disrupting the business of building websites and other digital experiences. Webflow empowers people to design, build and launch websites…without coding.

Webflow is well beyond unicorn status; its valuation is north of $4 billion, with revenue trending toward $150 million. It is well funded–$335 million to date–with a global staff of 600. And here’s a smart choice they have made–Webflow is a friend and sponsor of this show.

Shane has been CMO at Webflow for about two years, after several gigs at high-growth young software companies…including AdRoll, Intercom and ZoomInfo. Shane is a native of Ireland, graduated from University College Dublin with a degree in Business and Law, and eventually moved to the US. Tune in for a conversation with a CMO that has a lot of strong beliefs in branding and marketing.

Listen to the full episode here.


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