Suzanne Tosolini

A passion for how brands affect our world

  • Tri-lingual, lived and worked in 8 countries
  • Comfortable in both multinationals and start-ups
  • Creative, visionary thinker—proven strategist
  • Loves to deeply understand consumer motivations
  • Passionate about creating and nurturing brands
  • Loves teaching future brand leaders

Global citizen

Suzanne learned to understand people at a deeper level from an early age. Growing up in Ireland with an Irish mother and a German father, she learned to understand cultures, what drives them, and how to adapt to their nuances. She continued her “study” of diverse cultures through world travel, living and working in Hungary, Belgium, Poland, U.S., England, and Switzerland. She lives cross-culturally with her Italian husband and American children in a multilingual household.

At Trinity College Dublin, Suzanne graduated with honors in Business, Economics and Social Studies, combining her interests in business and people.

Strategic and creative thinker

Suzanne discovered the importance of combining creative and strategic thinking while competing at a junior national level in equestrian events. Creativity is needed to encourage a horse with a mind of it’s own to leap tall fences at high speed!

Suzanne spent 18 years working in Brand Management at P&G, developing long-term strategies with fresh approaches to brand building. She was promoted to Director after only 8 years with P&G. She:

  • Led the turnaround of the UK’s biggest household cleaning brand, resulting in a campaign that built the brand for the next15 years
  • Led the Old Spice and Always brands in Hungary creating new communication approaches that became global success models
  • Ran the Western European laundry business designing the upstream pipeline behind a revitalized, consumer-driven approach that led to breakthrough innovations
  • Led the Downy/Lenor brands globally, successfully re-launching them as more emotional human brands, leading to years of successful innovations

Teacher and capability builder

With four younger siblings, Suzanne learned early how to mentor and coach others. After her Downy/Lenor work, Suzanne was invited to become director of a group of select brand building and communication experts, developing and deploying new brand building best practices such as brand equity, agency briefing, agency management, and brand architecture.

Empowering businesses of all types

In 2008 Suzanne took a risk and left the her global P&G role for a venture-backed, mobile-driven startup. There, she brought consumer and CPG strategy understanding into the technology world. This led her to join the Jim Stengel Company in 2009 where she has worked across industries—from luxury goods, beauty and apparel to technology, automotive, and finance.

Inspiring future brand leaders

Since 2011, Suzanne has led a 6-day Creative Academy for 60 Young Marketers at the Cannes Festival of Creativity. In 2013 she helped develop the first Jim Stengel CMO Accelerator Program at Cannes, designed to inspire and teach marketing leaders to achieve success with their brands and organizations.

Suzanne also serves as advisor to “The Brandery,” one of the Top 10 Start-Up Incubators in the U.S., coaching on brand development, consumer understanding and strategy.

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