Focus Area: Skill Building - Creative Leadership
What do you do when your organization doesn’t have sufficient brand building skills to deliver the business?

When the seasoned CMO of a Fortune 500 financial services company approached the Stengel Group, she knew what she wanted to achieve. There were some excellent marketers and pockets of excellence, but they lacked a strategic approach to marketing, a common language and work process. They often worked in silos (i.e. digital, event marketing, advertising) which lessened the impact of each marketing element.

Working with the CMO and her leadership team, the Stengel Group spent time interviewing and getting to know many thought leaders in the organization and understanding their needs. We recommended specific core skills, a training curriculum and marketing immersion experiences with customers. This work became the foundation for a “Marketing Way” that included best practices for each aspect of marketing (i.e. purpose discovery and activation, customer understanding and segmentation, leading a productive creative agency team, developing winning marketing plans).  The Stengel Group developed four full-day workshops and trained the entire marketing organization.

The training program provided a jumpstart to their marketers,  and it was a visible sign of the commitment of the company to its marketing capability.   It instilled a sense of pride in the organization and increased their confidence in the power of great marketing to drive the business; the organization is now seeing stronger programs and business results.


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