Day 4 in The Young Marketers Academy

What We Do

On Day 4 in The Young Marketers Academy we heard from Kaitlin McGirl and Will Scougal (Snap), Dave Snyder, David Shing (Oath), Bruno Bertelli (Publicis) and Dario Gargiulo (Diesel) in the classroom. They saw Google and Diageo on the main stage in the Palais. And, they had a Young Marketers Hot Shots panel with the CMO Accelerator. The panel featured 5 of our Young Marketers answering questions from the attendees of the CMO Accelerator Programme.

What We Do

Class Speakers

  • Snap believes the camera is the future home screen of our devices. Snap is designing everything around the camera – deeper content and experience behind it.
  • Shingy believes the tech that will succeed will be the tech that automates or personalizes in ways that connect us as humans.
  • Diageo and Publicis showed us firsthand what a strong agency-client relationship looks like.
  • The panel at the CMO Accelerator focused on the Young Marketers’ hunger for senior leaders to truly understand their junior leaders.



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