It's Wednesday at Cannes Lions and the Marketers Academy is in full swing. Here's a look into our day:

Adam Morgan, founder of eatbigfish, and Malcolm Devoy, Chief Strategy Officer for EMEA PHD Media, spoke to the class about the new breed of challenger brands. Here are some characteristics of the new challenger brands:

1. Focus on effectiveness over efficiency (ie. focus on the extent to which you reached your goals rather than the measure of effort required to reach them). These are goals like growth, saliency  rather than pricing and ROI.
2. Have a very defined  attitude  – they behave as through they have a very tightly defined target audience while still reaching all potential buyers.
3. Focus on creativity over relevance.
4. Keep tech below the surface – they personalize the product, not the advertising.
5. Focus on shared distinctiveness.


Key Quote:
“For big brands to become challengers, the biggest thing you can do is to redefine the category you are in.” – Adam Morgan
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We attended The Economist debate on stage in the theater.

Key Quote:

“Being true to your values is a long term profit play.” – Kathleen Hall, Corporate VP – Brand Advertising, Microsoft

Tom Elliston, Client Services Director, MullenLowe, and Ben Curtis, Global Brand Director, Magnum spoke to the class about client-agency relationships.


Key Quotes:
“Getting great creative is ALL about the relationship.” – Tom Elliston


“Relationships are about the long game and if you play the long game you do things based on trust because you may not fully understand why at the time.” – Ben Curtis


“It took us a long time to find our purpose space and now we are a fiesta of ideas.” – Tom Elliston
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